Winterizing Your Car

Winter conditions and elements can take a heavy toll on your car. When most people think about winterizing their cars they think of ensuring tires are good or putting on studded tires, making sure all fluid levels are topped off, checking battery condition and keeping emergency supplies in the vehicle. While all of these are important it is also important to winterize your car’s paint and interior too. The exterior of your vehicle is exposed to the harshest conditions and …

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Does your new car need to be detailed?

Many people assume that their new car does not need to be detailed. This is far from the truth. The real question is; what level of detailing does a new car need? Many new cars leave the factory with minor paint imperfections such as dirt specks, run lines, or sanding marks. They are also transported to dealerships across the country by truck or train where they pick up contaminates like road dirt or rail dust along the way. Once they …

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What is Detailing?

What is Detailing? It has come to my attention that some people do not fully understand what detailing is. A common misconception is that Detailing is a basic wash and vacuum and maybe a wax applied too. This is only partly true. The level of cleaning a Detailer performs far exceeds a simple wash, wax and vacuum. Therefore, the definition of detailing has to reflect this.

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Transparent Warranty Intro

At Finishing Touch Detail we always strive to improve ourselves and in turn your experience. We achieve this through training, new products or services and continuous education to bring the quality and value you have come to expect. We utilize quality tools and products that are produced by companies that are upstanding and support not only me and my business but my customers as well. I tell you this because I am leading up to the announcement of yet another way we are adding value.

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Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting Your Car

Is your interior clean? Is it sanitary? Is it disinfected? These three terms are often used interchangeably as if they mean the same thing. The truth is that they don’t. These terms possess their own definition that separates them from one another. In relation to detailing they are processes. Yet, how effective are these processes in cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting your car?

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