Customer Testimonials

“Did an amazing job! Picked up our truck detailed it and even brought it back to the house. Cleaned the interior to showroom even after three kids had destroyed the seats for over two years! Recommend to everyone!” Jeremiah Neef

“Really fantastic experience! I had my car interior detailed, and it looks practically new. The detailing was completed quickly and thoroughly. Everything looks and feels great. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it so clean in there!!” Kristal Harmon

“Finishing touch detail did a great job on our two vehicles and RV. You can count on Scot to make your RV, vehicle, or boat look as good as new. Highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a outstanding detailer!” Rudy Taverne

“We recently had our Cadillac CTS and 1963 Impala done by Scott from Finishing Touch. The best detailing service we’ve ever used! First Class service each time. We will continue to call on Finishing Touch to work on the rest of our vehicles.” Will Catlin

“Best detailing I have ever seen! Your not going to find anyone who can do a better job!!” Gene Paciotti

“Truck turned out awesome its been a long time since i could look at it and see an almost perfect mirrored reflection! Thanks again for making it shine scot!” Eric Craig

“Excellent work at a fair price. If you’re looking for a professional detailer Finishing Touch Detail is the one. Thank you for your service.” Cornelious Davis

“We got my mom a gift certificate for Mother’s Day for an interior and exterior detailing and he completely transformed the car! It was in pretty rough shape when we handed it off and he did way more than we expected! 5/5 would recommend to anyone!” Mikala Teague

“I was VERY pleased with the work Scot did on my Hyundai Tucson. It’s black and it’s easy to see the many scratches, swirls, and not to mention nasty water spots on the hood that I acquired from my apartment complex’s sprinkler system when I went on leave. It was depressing seeing my car in the sun. Backed my car out into the sunlight when he was finished and I was just so impressed and satisfied with his work. The fact he’s also mobile is great which was very convenient for me. Highly recommend!” Jan Amutan

“Great service and car was like new after! Highly recommend.” Christina Harp

“We arrived in Mountain Home to visit our daughter after an almost 2,500 mile trip cross-country. Our little white Hyundai Santa Fe was literally covered with bugs, dirt & dust from many states (including some large dragonflies, that were flying in swarms in Missouri!) The inside was also dirtier than usual, having taken the beating of luggage going in & out and food eaten on the road. Our daughter thoughtfully gave us a gift of a thorough cleaning by Finishing Touch Detail (who also has detailed her car a number of times). A date was set for shortly after our arrival and Scott arrived punctually. We were greatly impressed by the hard work and attention to detail that he gave our poor car! When he finished, it was cleaner (inside & out) than before we left for our trip. Even the hard, dried-on dragonfly splats were gone! We didn’t think to take before & after pictures of the car; I wish we had done so. Our thanks to Scott for such excellent work! We would highly recommend him to anyone who needs professional, reliable detail work.” Cherry Martin

“Finishing Touch Detail did a superb job on my truck and the wife’s car. Scot made both look like brand new again. If you want you car detailed right…this is the place to go. Thanks Scot!!” Keith Mondloch

“Thank you, Scott! You did an Amazing job on my car. It seriously looks better than when I bought it from the dealership. Thanks!” Jackie Cropper

“I am very impressed with how my car looked after an interior/exterior detail! I had these areas on my wheels that I swear I have used every method to clean and nothing worked…first thing I noticed was that they are spotless now! Great quality work! Thanks again!” Tabitha Lynn

“Thank you Finishing Touch Detail… My little xB looks brand new again!! ” Ariana Martin

“Thank you so much for detailing the inside of my husbands truck you did an amazing job!” Lynnette Shaw

“I want to send a huge shout out to finishing touch detail!!!! My car has never looked so good. Was going to trade it in, and now I just might not…????” Rich Sykes

“We have a 2014 van that has been very well used by our family. We have 3 kids that spilled juice, milk, food, etc. We have dogs so a lot of dog hair in there as well, sand and dirt from going to the lakes.. our van was a mess!!! And Scott brought our van back to brand new!! Scott vacuumed, steam cleaned the interior, he cleaned every thing in our van he didn’t leave any part untouched. I highly recommend Finishing touch detail! Thank you Scott!” Jennifer Statham

“Scott just finished my car and I will be a repeat customer. Love it.” Joyce Wright

“He (Scot) did a used caliber I purchased off a lady that had some dog hair from her fur babies. He totally cleaned it everywhere. Also had my hubbies commute camry done. I highly recommend Scott his prices are amazing.” Jeannie Crane

(Scot) “Did a great job , will definitely be using again. Thanks neighbor.” Larry Hammett

“Scot was awesome! He did a full inside and out detail on my 06 wrx it looks as close to new as possible for being a 9 year old car. Thanks Scot.” Kyle Gilkison

“He did an amazing job!!! I have 2 kids and when we travel to boise, we spend a lot of time in my car so it was very messy, with stains…looks practicly brand new.” Jena Craig

“My car has never been detailed until Finishing Touch Detail. It’s a 13 year old car and it looks brand new now!!!” Brenda Raub

“A perfect detailing (nearly 8 hours)! But what I liked most was Scot’s willingness to deliver personalized treatments that enhanced specific areas of my vehicle that were important to me. He’s the real deal!” Cody Faulk

“Awesome work, would highly recommend!” Shanda Degiorgio

“Scot came out and did a full detail on my car. It looks better than new, inside and out!! Ready for a road trip. :-)” John McDougal

“Very courteous and prompt! I love how they come to you. My car looks just as great as when I drove it off the sales lot. Scot and his wife did an a very thorough and amazing job cleaning the inside and outside of my Dodge Dart. I couldn’t believe how shiny it looked, and my foot actually squeaked on the carpet. Talk about squeaky clean! I will definitely be recommending Finishing Touch Detail to all of my friends.” Eve Leverknight

“I highly recommend Scot for all of your detailing needs. He managed to revitilize my wife’s Miata to its original luster and transformed our Elantra to a showroom quality car. You will not find a more meticulous detailer around. Excellent work Scot!” Shawn Levesque

“Scott came and cleaned my car. See the photos it was pretty bad..I had never paid for them it to be detailed in the 7 years I have owned it. I mean I had tried to upholstery clean the seats few times but the stuff I did never seemed to work that well. After Scott was done they look so pretty, almost new, the car is so clean. I love how my car looks now.. its so nice to drive in a clean car.. makes me proud of my car again. Thanks for doing a great job Scott…” Noel Schafer

“A good cleaning and detail inside and out was long overdue for my GMC Sierra Crew Cab. I love my truck; I’ve used it for work and play, my all around truck. I brought it to Scot after a week round-trip to new mexico and back. With an engine wash, steam cleaned the seats, full detail in the interior and exterior; it looks as good as the first day i drove it off the lot. I will bring her back to touch up some spots on the paint. Thanks Scot for making her shine like new again.” Harrietta Monroe

“I had Scot out last weekend to clean the interior of a car the bank repoed from my ex and when I saw this thing I was afraid to sit it in. The tan seats were jet black from dirt and grime the dash was the same there was food and other items imbedded in the carpet. This car was just discussing. Called Scot up and he came to my house with his trailer and all the tools he needed and cleaned the entire car out right at my house. The car looks amazing! Some small stains on the seats remain (they were there for years) but a night and day difference. Even the stains that remain were smaller and lighter than before. The best part was I didn’t have to take my car anywhere he came to me no need to arrange a ride or anything. I will be calling him to clean my truck soon. Call him you won’t regret it I didn’t.” Matthew Maneen

“I don’t think my van has been this clean inside since we bought it! I’ve paid good money in the past to have it detailed in Boise, but nobody ever cleaned it as nicely as Finishing Touch Detail. And it was done in my own driveway! Thanks Scot. Amazing job!” Delecia Carol

“Love the detail. Great service.” Justin Schmidt

“I’m a truck man…always have been. And I use my trucks. In the winter I use them hard and don’t have much time for cleaning. I’m not a slob, but my 3/4 ton Ram had gotten pretty nasty; both inside and out. I called Scot and he came to the rescue. I kid you not, this is as good as my truck has looked since the day I bought it off the lot. Now, he can’t do miracles so there are still some dings and scratches, but the oxidation is gone, the micro scratches are gone and the interior looks like new. I’ve asked him to come back next week and do my Ford Ranger.” Mike Ingram

“Scot was able to get the fog off of my headlights when no one else could!!! I drive a ton at night and it is really nice to be able to see without having to use my brights! Awesome service and super affordable!!” Rhonda Laster

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